The Renew Fitness Program - Circuit Training

Circuit Training is the foundation of Renew's program. Circuit training is a type of interval training that combines both cardiovascular and resistance training in the same workout. 'Circuit' means a group of activities and refers to a number of stations or exercise equipment positioned around our facility that are visited in rapid succession. Each station in sequence is separated by different muscle groups (upper body, core, lower body). This allows muscle group recovery while maintaining constant cardio-vascular exercise.

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Circuit training was developed around collegian athletic programs in the 1950's. Today it is utilized at every level of sports and fitness activities.

The advantages to Renew's circuit training program are

  • It is an effective strength training tool. Strength or muscle development responds to the sum or total tension/resistance applied.
  • It incorporates cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength training in the same program.
  • It allows people of all ages and fitness levels to work together. Easy to understand while providing avenues of growth development.
  • It is time efficient, providing a 30 minute total body workout.
    Improves weight loss.
  • Circuit Training is the most scientifically proven exercise system

Circuit Floor Layout

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