Welcome to Renew Fitness's 30-Minute Total Body Circuit Training Program!

Mission Statement

Renew Fitness has a mission to encourage and restore sound body health through exercise to help the average person improve their quality of life.


Sound body health is synonymous with "Quality of Life"; the degree of well-being. It has been proven that regular exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity, as well as psychological disorders like depression, stress, and anxiety. These conditions, combined with issues affecting stability, mobility and muscle strength, are all factors that influence the quality of life.

Quality of life has no age limitation. Many of these factors affect the young as well as the old.

The S.E.E Principle

Our goal is how to provide an exercise program that meets our overall mission and best serves our entire community.
Renew Fitness is based on three simple truths:

  • Our members Safety is our fundamental responsibility.
  • Our program is Effective and meets our mission requirements.
  • Our program is Easy to execute and maintain.

We call this the SEE Principle

Like most things in life, the most successful are those that are simple. The more complicated a device a person uses, the less likely that person will be to receive the most benefit from it. This holds true for any fitness program.

  • A program should not be intimidating.
  • Equipment should be self-explanatory.
  • There should be no need for spreadsheets, charts, or extensive record-keeping.

Success is achieved through your efforts!